Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club HO Scale Modules

The club operates a modular HO scale layout created from mostly privately owned modules.  The club sets and monitors the standards and each individual builds and maintains their own section.  In all, there are approximately 80 private modules and 12 club owned modules to create a layout.  For setup, the layout size can range from as small as 12'x12' to as large as 42'x72'.  The layout can be arranged in several shapes from the standard oval to L- and U-shape.

Club members are encouraged to build whatever theme module they desire and the club has a wide variety from yards to scenic modules.

The layout is setup several times a year at train shows in southern New England.  Take a look at the calendar for the next public event if you want to catch the layout in action or visit the club's YouTube channel. 

HO Module List - Active Roster

Amanda's ModuleAmanda DavisCornerCorner
Andre LoggingMichele Andre2.5'x12'Straight
Andrew's Grain and FeedAndrew Porter2.5'x12'Straight
Brookside FarmDan Delany3'x4'+CornerStraight+Corner
BillstownBill Evans2.5'x8'Straight
Bob's Corner ModuleBob ApplegateCornerCorner
Canaan StationGlenn Siter2.5'x6'Straight
Centennial Modules IIStu Dom3'x4'+CornerStraight+Corner
Construction SpacerBob Applegate2.5'x2'Straight
Delany YardJim and Dan Delany3'x28'+CornerStraight+Corner
Gas Station CornerClubCornerCorner
InglenookJim Spavins2'x4'Straight
KAJAC PaperDon Counsellor2.5'x16'Straight
Lift BridgeClub1'x4'Straight
Lillian Grain and Light IndustrialTom Snyder2.5'x12'Straight
MarysvilleDan Delany2.5'x6'Straight
Milepost 16Club16"x2'Straight
Mohegan Pequot Railroad ParkJim Spavins2'x4'Straight
Mountain LumberGeorge Harran2.5'x12'Straight
Pennsy YardStu Dom3'x24'Straight
Pequot YardClub2.5'x12'Straight
Pomfret, CTNate Gould2.5'x8'Straight
Prairie PeddlerJim Spavins2'x4'Straight
Railroad MuseumJack Howie6'x12'Straight
Reading FlyoverJim Delany2.5'x8'+CornerStraight+Corner
Rivulet SpacerJim Spavins2'x2'Straight
Rockville CornerJim SpavinsCornerCorner
Swing BridgeJim Delany3'x6'Straight
StuartsvilleStu Dom2.5'x12'Straight
Woodlawn FlyoverDan Delany2.5'x6'Straight
Woodstock ValleyChaz Fairbrother2.5'x12'+CornerStraight+Corner
Larry's Truck and ElectricNate Andre2.5'x12'Straight

HO Module List - Retired Roster

MOW SidingJim Spavins2'x8'Straight
Andre BottlingNate Andre2.5'x12'Straight
Andrew's JunctionAndrew Porter2.5'x8'+2.5'x4' ExtensionStraight
8' Lift BridgeClub1'x8'Straight
9th HoleDon Wiwczar2'x4'Straight
Bert's YardBert Beukelaer2.5'x24'Straight
Canyon ModuleLarry Southwick2.5'x8'Straight
Centennial ModulesJim Spavins2.5'x4'Straight
CircusTom Lawson2.5'x8'Straight
Connecticut River DrawbridgeJim Spavins2'x12'Straight
Country RunningUnknown2'x8'Straight
CrazyvilleBill Evans2.5'x8'Straight
Cut CornerJonathan HargerCornerCorner
DCC DemoJohn Waller3'x8'Straight
Delany Yard IJim and Dan Delany3'x8'Straight
Delany Yard IIJim and Dan Delany3'x16'Straight
Dom YardStu Dom3'x16'Straight
Engine Service ModuleClub2.5'x8'Straight
EnginehouseMatt Wiwczar2'x4'Straight
Chianelli YardMr. Chianelli3'x16'Straight
Inside Corner - Mystic CanneryClubCornerCorner
Inside Corner - SeashoreClubCornerCorner
Jim's YardJim Spavins2.5'x8'Straight
JS Tank Car RepairJim Spavins2.5'x6'Straight
Luth YardJan Luth2'x8'+CornerStraight+Corner
Main StreetDave Bidwell2'x8'Straight
Marble QuarryCarl Roberts2.5'x8'Straight
Mining TownTom Lawson2.5'x8'+CornerStraight+Corner
Mountain CornerClubCornerCorner
MP JunctionClub2.5'x12'Straight
Niantic River DrawbridgeJim Spavins2'x4'Straight
Old Saybrook, CTMatt Wiwczar2'x12'+CornerStraight
Orange Tree CompanyJim Spavins2.5'x2'Straight
OWL JunctionJim Spavins2'x4'Straight
Passenger ModuleClub3.25'x34'+2 CornersStraight
Passenger Module IClub3'x20'Straight
Power MountainClubCornerCorner
Prairie CornerJim SpavinsCornerCorner
Rockville BridgeJim Spavins2.5'x12'Straight
Sawmill ModuleClub2.5'x12'+CornerStraight
Seashore CornerClubCornerCorner
Sherman's CreekJim Spavins2'x4'Straight
Spacer ModulesHenry Curtis1'x8',1'x4'Straight
Switchman's SharpenerJim Spavins2'x8'Straight
Transition Module IIClub2.5'x8'+Staging YardStraight
Tribute to SpringfieldJim Spavins2'x4'Straight
Young Building CornerJim Spavins2.5'x2'+CornerStraight+Corner
Zigzag and Helix RailwayJohn Waller4'x16'Straight
Steel Mill ComplexDave Alley3'x16'Straight
Steele YardJim Steele2.5'x8'Straight
Trackside HobbiesUnknown2'x4'Straight
Australian RailwaysRoss McLean3.25'x8'Straight
Transition Module IClub2.5'x8'+Staging YardStraight
TV ModuleClub2'x4'Straight
Race TrackUnknown2'x8'Straight
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