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Brackets for Module Connectors
MPRR Clinic Night Archive

Clinic By: Stu Dom
Clinic Night Date: September 28, 2008

One important consideration in building a module is to allow easy electrical connections to other modules, while maintaining good control of the electrical wiring during transit. In developing schemes for making good electrical connection of the mainline bus wiring between modules, one has to clearly establish a connector type early in the design of a modular layout that is uniform between modules, have sufficient capacity, and are relatively fool proof and easy to connect when setting up a modular layout for a show or display.

The purpose of this article is to show how I made brackets for supporting Amphenol circular connectors for all of the modules being used for mainline power in the Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club. In this case, I had to make 70 sets of brackets, but the technique can be used for any number of connector brackets.

Brackets are needed to support the receptacle on one end of the module, into which a plug from another module is inserted. In addition, a bracket is also used to support the free hanging plug transit. I have created 2 bracket types for this application. One allows for vertical insertion of the plug, and the other provides for horizontal insertion of the plug.

I have enjoyed the design, assembly and use of these brackets. They not only are relatively simple in design, but they also are very functional, and provide good support for connectors that are needed for a modular layout.

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