End Loops.

End Loops
MPRR Clinic Night Archive

Clinic By: Stu Dom
Clinic Night Date: May 7, 1995

In the mid to late 1990s, the club seriously discussed the idea of building end loops for the HO scale layout.  Basically, the mainlines would be a single loop connecting back onto itself instead of the current configuration where each inside and outside mainlines are separate.  In addition, two or three staging tracks could also be placed on the inside of the loop.  By using these end loops, the advantage is not requiring the need for a lift bridge or duck under to get to the operating area of the layout.  Also, much smaller layouts can be brought to shows if needed with layouts set up along a wall in a dog bone configuration or in an L-shape along two walls.  The project was ultimately tabled since the total width of the modules would be in the vicinity of 7' which was deemed too bulky and difficult to transport.

End Loops.

A potential layout configuration using modules and end loops in a club member's basement.

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