Above: A Pennsylvania Railroad E unit on display at the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum. Photo Credit: Stu Dom

2003 Altoona Club Trip
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2003 Altoona Club Trip Photo Gallery

Above: An excursion prepares to depart Steamtown in Scranton, PA. Photo Credit: Stu Dom

Below: A westbound freight crosses Rockville Bridge. Photo Credit: Stu Dom

Above: A set of helpers returns to Altoona, PA. Photo Credit: Stu Dom

Below: Group photo at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Photo Credit: Stu Dom

Article By: Jim Spavins

On a rainy Thursday morning, members of the Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club ventured off to Pennsylvania for the second annual Altoona Club Trip. The participants enjoyed railfanning all over the state of Pennsylvania, visiting railroad museums, and the camaraderie on the trip. First stop on the trip was Altoona where the group stopped at the famed Horseshoe Curve and surrounding areas. They were able to catch a few trains on the Curve and some of the area railfan spots and then headed to the Altoona Railroad Museum. At the railroad museum they were able to see a scale model railroad of Altoona and were able to learn more about the history of the town and of the Pennsylvania Railroad.

The next stop on the trip was Strasburg, but as the group made its way back east it made some stops along the way to railfan other areas of Pennsylvania like Rockville Bridge below and Gallitzin. Also, there was a stop at Enola yard where the gang saw numerous trains roll through and were able to watch as yard crews broke down and built up drag freights in the yard.

The group then made their way to Strasburg where they were able to visit the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. Here the group was able to see the numerous pieces of railroad equipment from the Pennsylvania Railroad that have been preserved and put on display. The last and final stop for the group was at Steamtown in Scranton, PA. Highlights included guided tours of the enginehouse and touring the various shop areas viewing the equipment that Steamtown has collected. They took a ride on the 20-plus mile round trip excursion train from Scranton to Moscow, PA. After a long four days, the group packed up and headed back for Connecticut. Everyone that went on the trip had a great time and rumors are already circulating about a third annual Altoona Club Trip. Make your reservation now!

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