Above: A Norfolk Southern freight passes Cassandra, PA, on a brief period of sunshine during the 2011 club trip. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

A Soakin' Wet Club Trip 2011
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A Soakin' Wet Club Trip 2011 Photo Gallery

Above: A Norfolk Southern stack train passes underneath the railfan bridge at Cassandra, PA. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Below: The sun pokes through the clouds at sunset as a CSX freight heads east through Fostoria, OH. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Above: A stack train crawls through Cresson, PA, in between rain drops. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Below: Group Photo at the Cresson Railroad Park. Photo Credit: Stu Dom

Article By: Jim Spavins

In early August, members of the Mohegan Pequot Model Railroad Club embarked on an extended six day edition of their annual club trip. This year’s version brought us to the usually stops in Fostoria, OH, Marion, OH, Deshler, OH, Altoona, PA, and Enola, PA. Despite rain and overcast skies on most days of the trip, all of the twelve club members attending considered it a success.

The first day of the trip, Tuesday August 2, was the typical twelve hour drive to western Ohio from Connecticut. The three car caravan was able to catch a few trains in Bellvue and Fostoria before the sun went down in what was a preview for the next day. On Wednesday morning, the group went to visit the Iron Triangle in Fostoria and was entertained by an unprecedented level of activity at the diamonds. In a span of two and half hours, over 30 CSX and Norfolk Southern trains pounded the diamonds. Typically, the club members bring folding chairs to sit in while waiting for trains to pass by. However on this morning, with a train every five minutes, no one even had time to think about sitting down.

Needing a break from the traffic, the group proceeded west to Deshler, OH, for a relaxing afternoon at Crossroads Park. The rail traffic settled down a bit as a work crew was working on the interlocking west of town which kept trains moving through town on one track. After lunch and a few hours of train watching in Deshler, the group caravaned backed to Fostoria for the rest of the evening.

The next morning, the group started bright and early with a drive south to Marion, OH. When the club members arrived, they were greeted by members of the Marion Union Station Association who had the station open. The group was treated to a private tour of the station and interlocking tower which included an in depth lesson in signaling. All of the member appreciated the hospitality. The station is currently raising funds to fix the roof of the station. After the tour, the group had a quick lunch, then started back east towards Altoona, PA, for the remainder of the day.

Friday morning in Altoona started with a stop at the Altoona train station then a drive up to Horseshoe Curve when is opened at 10 am. After seeing two quick trains, the rains started which chased the group from the curve. The group decided to head west a bit to Cresson to grab some lunch to wait out the rain. The sun finally broke through after lunch and the group grabbed its annual group photo by the caboose at the railfan stand in Cresson. In an attempt to change the trip a bit, the caravan continue west to Cassandra, PA, home of a pedestrian bridge over the NS mainline. This great secluded spot is perfect for photographers with a long straight away and a curve opening through a cut. The sun held out as the group was able to see a number of trains at this location. To finish out the day, the group went back to Cresson until sunset.

On Saturday, a trip east to Enola was the order of the day. However, another new addition to the trip was added in 2011. Instead of driving straight to Enola, the club decided to take a detour to Lewistown, PA, and its train station. The station is currently owned and operated the Pennsylvania Railroad Technical and Historical Society. The club had to contend with more rain all day Saturday, but the station made a nice stop with its benches covered by the roof overhangs. By late afternoon, the club was at Rockville Bridge but caught in downpours. Most members called it an early day.

For the final day of the trip, the sun started to peak through the clouds. The group spent the morning in the area around Enola including Rockville Bridge, Cove, and Enola Yard. By mid-day, the group called it a trip, packed up the cars, and drove back to Connecticut. Next years trip is in the planning stages so book your spot today!

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