Above: A Norfolk Southern freight crosses Rockville Bridge on the morning of September 14, 2017. Photo Credit: Erik Rasmussen

First Annual Bridgeview Railfan Adventure
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First Annual Bridgeview Railfan Adventure Photo Gallery

Above: A westbound Norfolk Southern frieght rounds the curve into Enola Yard. Photo Credit: Erik Rasmussen

Below: An eastbound Norfolk Southern autorack train heads out of Enola Yard and onto Rockville Bridge. Photo Credit: Erik Rasmussen

Above: The Nickel Plate Road hertiage unit heads leads a westbound over Rockville Bridge. Photo Credit: Erik Rasmussen

Below: A group photo on the porch of the Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast. Photo Credit: Erik Rasmussen

Article By: Tom Snyder

On Wednesday September 13th eleven club members travelled to Marysville Pennsylvania to enjoy some much needed rail fanning overlooking Rockville Bridge on the Susquehanna River. Arriving late afternoon at the Bridgeview Bed and Breakfast (bridgeviewbnb.com) we were immediately greeted by our host, Keith Latimer, and numerous Norfolk Southern freights crossing the bridge. Not wanting to miss any action, most of the group unpacked and decided to stay on the huge deck, order out pizza, and enjoy the action.

The Bridgeview B&B is situated within the tracks of the entrance to Enola Yard, Rockville Bridge, and the Harrisburg Yard of the Norfolk Southern Harrisburg Division. It seemed that anywhere we looked there were tracks and the potential to see trains. With over 100 freights a day plus the occasional Amtrak run-by, our eyes and cameras got quite a work out. Of special interest in the common room is a live screen Advanced Train Control Systems monitor so we could see all train activity on the subdivision and anticipate bridge crossings and yard activity to prepare our cameras.

On Thursday, many of us decided to take a drive and visited the Mainline Hobby Shop about an hour away from the Bridgeview in Blue Ridge. If you are ever in the area the shop is extremely well organized and stocked with everything model railroading. To top it off while there we were treated to CSX freight on the adjacent Western Maryland line.

While enjoying our railfanning we also met other railfans from around the country and enjoyed some good conversation about our common interests. We were fortunate to meet Erik Rasmussen and his father Bill who were enjoying the sights. Erik broke out his drone and we watched in awe as he flew it across the river almost 4000 feet away taking stunning shots along the route. Compliments of Erik are numerous photos including our group photo and the Nickel Plate Road Heritage unit passing over the bridge. He is a talented railfan photographer and his work can be found at https://www.flickr.com/photos/trainboy03.

Friday morning we were treated to our second Heritage unit, the NS DC to AC Conversion and as we sadly prepared to depart, took some time in the Enola Yard to railfan further. Not wanting to end our adventure, we stopped on the way back at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania, because everyone knows…you can never see too many trains! Plans are already in the works for next year’s adventure!

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