December 11, 2005 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: December 11, 2005
Meeting Location: Valley Railroad, Essex, CT
Meeting Time: 5:10 pm

Secretary’s Report

No Secretary’s Report was available.

Treasurer’s Report

No Treasurer’s Report was available.

Storekeeper’s Report

No Storekeeper’s Report was available.

Old Businss

1) Dan discussed the events of the weekend @ Essex. He mentioned that Essex intends to perform work that would allow being open @ night, next year. Heating the building is not part of that effort, but thanks were offered to Jim Skeffington for use of the “big” heating unit.

2) Dan then presented an overview of what occurred at the meeting held on 11/28. Most importantly, Essex donated $800 to the club, in lieu of the Thomas raffle receipts, which have been disallowed in the future by the Thomas Team. No layout will go to the NMRA National Convention in July of this year. Get your pictures in for the club web site!

New Business

1) No meeting will be held on Christmas day. The January meeting(s) will set the plans for Springfield. The Secretary will obtain the key for future meetings at the library.

2) Springfield – Stu needs confirmation of who (anyone) is bringing (new) modules. Passes (no names) will be given to the club on Friday. A tentative plan to make the passes available to Late Arrivers was discussed (in white trailer via combination?).

3) Wednesday nite work session @ Essex; take down is TBD.

4) Dan mentioned that we need to police the layout to keep debris accumulations down, while operating. Use the storage boxes that are available. “All” the club engines need maintenance.

Meeting Adjourned @ 5:35 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary