February 26, 2006 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: February 26, 2006
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:38 pm

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s report from 1-22-06 was read and accepted. 

Treasurer’s Report

No Treasurer’s Report.

Storekeeper’s Report

No Storekeeper’s report was given. 

PRIOR to OLD BUSINESS:  Henry Curtis’ wife Grace died this past week.  The memorial service is to be March 11, 2006.  Donation by the Club TBD.  [ 2nd congregational Church  45 Broad St, NL 06320

Old Business

1) Springfield – Issues: a) Wiring harnesses – Some wiring harnesses have been found to be bad with bad soldering.  Check all your new harnesses for cold solder joints.  b) Bob McGregor reported that he had a spare Control 20 in has possession.  c) Name tags in the trailer, and also at the “will call” table worked well.  d) Overall a good show.  e) Radio/headphones – The current set does not work very well.  Club should consider updating to modern standards.  Such as the Radio Shack Walkie-Talkie – ear bud with encoded multi-channel?  Bill Evans knows of a club that uses them (~25 users @ once) and proposes a viewing.  We need to know four basic commands/notices.

2) NER Convention – June 4th.  Contact Michael Tylick.  John Waller has offered to go to Worcester for a formal viewing.

3) Willimantic – April 23rd.  Trailers are needed, but no further update.  Joe Sokol in charge?

4) March 25/26 @ Church of Christ.  Saturday setup and Sunday show.

5) Bob Murphy is proposing an operating session in lieu of a formal meeting.  Date must be reworked due to a change to March ~25/26.

6) P&W Show on September 17th, @ Park Avenue Elementary, Webster MA.  [ 10 – 3, 6AM setup? ]

New Business

1) Bill Evans notes of a possible “trains only” show for modules, either in CT or RI.

2) Jim Spavins is looking for old paper newsletters to scan for the website.  It was suggested that Jim contact Jan Luth.  Module Postings on the website – Take pictures, write a good description of module design, etc.

3) Work Sessions – Jonathan Hager has been updating inside corners.  The 4-foot Bridge replacement is in design by Stu.  Passenger station platforms are in redesign again {final version}.  Need new REA Building "builder."  Need people to work platforms & station.  A people painting work session is planned for Sunday, in two weeks.

4) Concepts to replace the transition module and staging are under development.  Bring your ideas.  New staging modules good for track laying, ballast training/practice.

5) Stu would like to set a date for the “Summer Excursion” – July 12-16 0r 19-23.  Stu is also proposing a stop at GE facilities, during the trip.        Medina Railroad Museum?

6) John Waller presented an email from First Church of Christ – Old Saybrook, fundraiser.  Display or show?  Hall size seems small.  John to get more of a sense of what they are seeking.

7) The “Drive a Locomotive” proposal is back on the table @ RMNE (Danbury?).

8) Bob MacGregor  wants to propose a year-by-year swap with the Central Connecticut G-Scalers to use their equipment instead of his.  A discussion ensued.  The only restriction would be to fly M&P colors.

 Meeting Adjourned @ 8:55 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary