May 21, 2006 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: May 21, 2006
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:36 pm

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s report from 4-10-06 was read and accepted.  The “letter declining participation in the June 4, 2006 convention” was reviewed by the members at this time. 

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer provided two reports.  The first at the end of April and the second at of the meeting date.  The reports were read and accepted.

Storekeeper’s Report

No Storekeeper’s report.

Old Business

1) Willimantic Show – (the President was second man there!)  A nice time was had by those in attendance; but our “show inventory” was ‘lacking’.  We were missing the power packs!  Some problems were noted:  The transition module wiring was an issue!  Shorting wheel sets were an issue!  Red trailer lights were an issue!  All are or will be fixed.

2) The Bob Murphy operating session is still on hold.

3) Danbury Railway Museum – I visited it on 5-20, pictures were available to view.  Bob McGregor visited Willimantic.  I mentioned that the EB 44-tonners were to be moved to Danbury (That is apparently still in progress – to be on the Housatonic on Monday (20 mph speed limit).

4) Summer meetings – June – 2nd and 4th Sundays [ 11 AM @ Larry’s (w) meeting @ 5 pm; on the 25th @ Bill Library @ 7:30 PM ]  However, it was agreed NOT to hold a first meeting of the month through August – lack of program.

5) Date for P&W show at Webster, MA (Sunday only) – Sept 24, 2006; Size 24' X 32'.

6) Dave Alley initiated an extensive discussion on the inability to support a setup for the NMRA show.  This included the need for module sizes to support small show setups (2 track vs. 3 track); the ability to move in and set up quickly, with few people. 

7) The July trip itinerary was raised.  Some sought to include the B&O Museum or similar.  This raised the idea of alternating railfanning trips with museum/train ride trips.  The topic was tabled – pending the travelers themselves deciding.

New Business

1) Proposal: The New Transition Module – Dave Alley offered a motion to table any new club construction until current construction work is completed.  John Waller provided a second.  Discussion included that the “City” is on hold until some backdrop work is completed.  All significant topside work is limited to scenery work by the active participants.  Some power issues still exist as noted by John Waller.  It was noted that work on personal modules (for use with the club) might also interfere with new work.  There are known defined tasks that need to be completed.  Dan noted that some [ other ] people might be interested in “new projects” rather than the existing work to be done.  Jim Spavins will volunteer to be the project manager.  Several points were reemphasized (personal module work interference; all existing work should be complete before new work starts).

A call to move the question – to end discussion  - was made – defeated 8 to 7 and discussion continued.  The concern was now on the definition of finishing a module – which should be limited to Club projects only.  John Waller sought to move to define passenger module work as limited to power supply/wiring issues.  Jim Delaney noted the need to build before the “Shop” was lost – suggesting that the physical modules be built now.  The primary work tasks after that is track laying.  Dave Alley said that his shop might be available sometime after September.  Henry pointed out that the question at hand was tabling ANY new work.  Vote to move the question: 8 to 4 in favor.

The motion: Delay any new projects until current passenger module work is completed;  4 YES, 7 NO, 2 abstentions,  the motion failed.

New Motion:  Begin designing and building a new transition module; amended by Stu that the motion be to complete the carpentry work.  Discussion – Carpentry work would involve about $1000 of materials.  Dave Alley proposed to table the discussion due to the time.  No second.  Jonathan called the question; Henry provided the second.  Vote was 11 to 1.  The motion was called.  The vote on the motion was 9 to 1 with 2 abstentions.  The motion to construct the transition modules was carried.

2) Westerly Armory Show - Henry sent an email received concerning a request to provide an operating layout at there “model show” in November (Friday and Saturday, 17 and 18).  It was agreed to place this on the agenda.  It needs a visit to the Armory to see the scope of a layout.  A motion to support was seconded – approved by voice vote.

Meeting Adjourned @ 9:45 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary