July 23, 2006 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: July 23, 2006
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:40 pm

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s report from 6-25-06 was read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer’s Report(s) were read and accepted.

Storekeeper’s Report

Storekeeper’s report was given, usual supplies available.

Old Business

1) Westerly Armory – A call for demo’s (trees, etc.). Ron Pothier believes Cheshire is on the 19th, not Willimantic, which may be Nov 5th.

2) Aristocraft throttles to be removed from the control panel. G-Scalers get first dibs.

3) Transition module painting is ongoing (4 done). Donations of track and roadbed.

4) Bert’s Legacy – Clark called – schedule a viewing. Barbara to remove Bert’s modules from Larry’s.

5) Club Trip – The “steak” was very good, but the steak knives didn’t work! Mount Delany was also sighted. Next year’s trip is likely to “Go South Young Man”!

6) Tom B. spoke – The trains have been boxed up and shipped to Florida. When inventory is done we will get copies. Buildings are available for viewing the next four days.

New Business

1) Next meeting will be August 27th at the Gales Ferry library. Trip pictures to be shown.

2) Work sessions will be Wednesday nights with August 13th a work Sunday (10 AM) – No meeting to follow.

3) Reminder Webster, MA show on Sept, 24.

4) Club Picnic - Jonathan’s on Sept. 9 (rain date 10).

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary