June 24, 2007 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: June 24, 2007
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:34 pm

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s Report was read.  Motion made and seconded to accept, as read.  Motion passed (1 abstention).

Treasurer’s Report

Report read.  Motion made and seconded to accept, as read.  Motion passed.

Storekeeper’s Report

No storekeeper’s report.

Old Business

1) President’s Comments – Larry’s Basement: It was reiterated that the old (unwanted) modules have been disposed of.  There is space available for personal work.  Scenery materials are available for those seeking help.  Installation of the walk-around throttles is almost complete.

2) Club picnic – 2nd Saturday of September (8th).  Larry has offered to hold it; this needs to be verified.  There was additional discussion as to other possible locations, as well.

3) Dan proposed a preliminary calendar for the remainder of the year:

a) Any Wednesday at 7 PM.

b) Club Meetings at 7:30 PM – July 22 at B.L.; Aug 26 at B.L. (not possible due to book sale – need to schedule at G.F.); Sept 8 at club picnic; Sept 23 at B.L.; Oct 14 at Larry’s after workday at 7:30; Oct 28 at B.L.; Nov 11 at 5 PM at Essex; Nov 25 at B.L.; Dec 9 at Larry’s (as before); Dec 23 at B.L.

The new calendar is to be posted in the Newsletter AND on-line.  This is to be confirmed with the library and will allow Bill Evans to schedule presentations.  Clark suggested getting Jim Spavins to “speak” before he leaves in August.  Ron Pothier requested that a presentation on “Module Wiring” be added.

Visits to Clubs should be worked on for the fall.  Ron Pothier will update show listings, which are to be added to the web site, as well.  This will help to see if the club can set up anywhere.

4) NMRA “Interview” – Jim Spavins is to get videos and photos on disk.

New Business

1) Discussion of Financial Committee Report:

Dan – The construction of the Passenger Modules (higher than expected costs) drove the financial direction.  Our budget needs to support our activity levels.  Club financial outlays for inventory must be reevaluated and must be OKed by the Club members.  Clark suggested returning to the “Club - buy of the month”.

Suggestions made that efforts be made to move the club car inventory (M.R. listing?)

We need to find our state Tax # and obtain a tax # for Massachusetts ($10 for an application).  Dan is to discuss the possibility of a Club “white elephant table” at Springfield.  Like Henry Curtis used to do (could include new club items).

Art Ferguson discussion – 501C nonprofit status was considered as a means to allow donation of property or cash with tax donation credit incentive.  Train Show reestablishment – needs a dedicated show organizer (not an officer); e.g., Waterford week tie-in as another strong draw.  Dan is also looking into a show with the Valley Railroad (Railfan weekend?); 1st weekend of the season?)

Dan has also become aware of an on-demand web sales store that could generate revenue with a low initial investment.

The club store should be limited to club maintenance parts and only do “bulk purchases” when club members request items.

After inventory is complete and MOW stock has been identified, determine methods to dispose of excess inventory at next meeting.

2)   A motion was made to rescind the restriction on sales of club apparel. A second was made.  Discussion:  for and against was held – web store or event versions could be done.  Vote: For – 4, Against  – 9.  The Motion was defeated.

3) Any further discussion of the report is table until the next meeting when the inventories are completed.

Meeting Adjourned @ 9:30 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary