September 23, 2007 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: September 23, 2007
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm

Secretary’s Report

The Secretary’s Report was read.  Motion made and seconded to accept, as read.  Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Report read.  9-23-07: Motion made and seconded to accept, as read.  Motion passed (1 abstention).

Storekeeper’s Report

None given

President’s Remarks

Today’s work session – many members were able to attend – much was accomplished.  The picnic – nice day, good time, lots of food.  John has modified one hand-held passenger module controller to operate an uncoupler – works well.

Old Business

1) Meetings in October will be on the 14th and 28th, both at the Bill Library.  A Sunday work session at Larry’s will be held on the 14th.  An additional work session may be held for loading for Essex, Thomas show.

2) Willimantic show – Scheduled for November 4th; 10AM to 3PM.  Offer remains open for alternate scales to attend the show.  Dan will confirm with Joe Sokol to see which scales are needed.

 3) Work session To-Do List is to be plotted this coming week for posting.  Some identified work items are (lots more):

a) Art Ferguson’s old module needs an overhaul.

b) 8 ft lift-bridge needs work and paint.

c) Passenger station work; trees need to be made.

d) Some cable connectors still need replacement (check availability of 4-pin connectors.

4) Jim Delaney reported that the contracts have been received for Springfield.  We have the same spaces as previous years.  But there are further changes in costs for entry.

New Business

1) Clark received an e-mail concerning a proposed After-Christmas show at the Friendship school [3-5 yrs old] (next to Waterford High School).  We need to establish what days and hours we want to support, if we agree to do it.  Clark is to determine the “last day of school” for a setup date.  How will this be promoted?  This could be the place to test your modules before Springfield!

2) Bob MacGregor noted that he has been visiting Palmer/Selkirk frequently.  Jim Delaney has not scheduled any new rail-fanning events.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:05 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary