June 22, 2008 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: June 22, 2008
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:32 pm

Secretary’s Report

Read, and accepted as read.

Treasurer’s Report

Same as last month’s totals. Accepted as read.

Storekeeper’s Report

Larry came home on Thursday.

Old Business

1) Connector Issues:

The solder style lug accepts #14 gage wire through the hole, so soldering should be no problem. Cost is about $1 per pin – need to select the appropriate shell size / type to use with them.

2) Christ the King – The selected date is now October (first weekend?) May try the ‘L’ style layout.

3) Road Trip: August 6-10, straight to Fostoria. Bob McGregor is going to call for accommodations updates.

New Business

1) John W. is away from 7-1 to 7-27.

2) Jonathan says that for the Tuesday night session, spouses (or friends) are welcome (for ‘tea and crumpets’). No sessions in August.

3) Clark is trying to schedule a Palmer trip (this week? Wednesday?)

4) Next meeting scheduled for July 27th.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:52 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary