September 27, 2009 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: September 27, 2009
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:36 pm

Secretary’s Report

Read and accepted as read. (9-0)

Treasurer’s Report

Not reported.

Old Business

1) Larry’s new layout – Discussion confirmed that the Club is and should remain a modular club, and that formal adoption of building the layout by the Club would not be appropriate.

Question from Henry – Would Larry change the club lease if the Club did not formally adopt this as a club project? Not to anyone’s knowledge.

Each member may express an individual desire to help him build the layout and most have.

At least for the next few years, the existing arrangement with use of Club modules would still be a desired activity.

Stu has been developing a scalable concept of Larry’s layout vision.

2) From Henry – Show setup – Saturday Dec 5th; Run Dec 6th at noon to 6 PM; M – F at 4 – 6PM; Sat 10 – 3PM with breakdown following. Room is 40’ X 61’, allowing a size of up to 32’ X 44’. Videos/displays requested for the stage end of the room. School kids trips may be attempted to be scheduled. Unloading on the street is most likely, and there is mostly street parking.

3) Club Pins Pricing – A motion was made to price the pins at $3 for members and $5 (tax included) for public sale. Made/seconded (8-0).

4) There will be no North Stonington show at Christmas this year. This was followed by a motion to formally thank Larry for hosting the Club picnic again this year (8-0).

New Business

1) October meetings are planned for the second and fourth Sundays.

2) The Amherst show contracts have arrived; no changes HO 42 X 72; G scale, N 26 X 26 + On30 and HOn30 if space can be arranged.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:20 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary