February 13, 2011 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: February 13, 2011
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:35 pm

Secretary’s Report

Read and accepted as read (11-0).

Treasurer’s Report

Read and accepted as read.

Storekeeper’s Report

None given.

Old Business

1) HO - Stu thanked Bob MacGregor for getting the trailers safely to West Springfield. The teardown was described as very successful, good effort all around. John Waller noted that better care of the passenger module scenery is needed during teardown and stowage. Covers must remain within the layout confines to ensure rapid closure. It was also noted that the Dispatchers took good control of the trains. Due to one self-inflicted tumble-to-the-floor, it was noted that the transition yard needs short Plexiglas/ plywood barriers to protect trains on the outer tracks.

2) G-Scale – Considered a great success. The 4’ larger size allowed better operation (keep this size). Dan Roulliea was very pleased, even after his display will require a $140 “table fee” next year [Don suggested that the Club picnic be held there this year]. Also, it was requested that the Club contract be checked for wording on whether the pipe barriers are/can be included at no cost.

3) Club Shirts/Tees – Price list is with Dan/Don; needs to be distributed to the members.

4) Jonathan suggested that short (6” to 8”, Plexiglas height) backdrops be added to the HO modules to enhance appearance (and provide some protection from coat/gut damage). The members concurred with the idea.

New Business

1) Plexiglas replacement – A new box(es) to be made to store replacement Lexan (100 mm) @ a standardized 6” height.

2) Secretary and Newsletter editor are to resolve email address issues. February issue was great.

3) Elections/ Bylaws – Stu discussed, @ length, how to reinstitute Club elections. It was suggested that elections be held for all posts. Also suggested was consideration of an executive committee that interfaces with each scale group’s leaders. A mix of officers/from each scale could be required.

A) Consider rotating meeting locations to allow easier access for some members to attend. Bob Macgregor noted that the G-gaugers can rarely get together now due to their geographic locations and work schedules.

B) The issue of meeting activities was raised again - need for more than one meeting a month if only held as a business meeting, etc.

C) Don noted that tasks identified at meetings need to be specifically assigned for action, so that they actually get accomplished. Don will attempt to find copies of the Club Bylaws.

4) Jim Spavins has proposed various promotional projects to celebrate the Club’s 30th anniversary year, such as T-Track layout modules [~18” X 24” modules that are mounted “table-top”]; activities that might fill in the potential N-Scale gap. A general discussion of module/layout concepts followed.

5) General Questions – Is the Club structured the way we (still) want it to be? Do we need to restructure it? What (else) do we want to do?

6) Unloading trailers is to be accomplished on Saturday, 12 March, at 10 am at Larry’s.

7) Continue holding two meetings/month thru March (at least).

Meeting Adjourned at 9:10 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary