February 12, 2012 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: February 12, 2012
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:35 pm

Secretary’s Report

Read and accepted as read (14-0-1).

Treasurer’s Report

State taxes were paid for 2011.

Old Business

1) Springfield – No significant set-up problems (just minor alignment issues). Our exit was quite efficient. ~ 22,300 paid attendees, with Saturday a record. It was noted that even Don had fun! The new O scale and G scale layouts looked very good, as noted by many attendees. Trailer unloading is schedules=d for 2-25-12 at 10 AM.

2) Club Work items – The Pequot yard, logging modules.

3) Last clinic – Proto 2000 Locomotives Throttle Improvements (more speed Scotty!). Next Clinic – Gondola & Freight Car Loads. Bill Evans needs odd sizes of 1”, 2” wood. White/yellow glue, colored plastic bags. See the Newsletter for details.

4) Clark noted that a past charter member, Ken Silvia(?), died recently. Also Henry K. and Kevin D., son of past member, is interested in coming to a meeting to talk about the history of the club. Henry Curtis is scheduled for knee surgery on Monday.

5) Club Inventory – Large, but not really large shirts are available, 3 hats, 12 club patches. Stu believes that the Club needs new (embroidered) hats, summer & winter style. Report at next meeting.

New Business

1) Next business meeting will include the election of the Club President & Secretary.

2) Stu noted for interest that the Amherst Club, except for the business meeting, schedules operating sessions at member’s houses. From his visit he noted a unique helix that exposes the train at every other level, using a shrinking track radius. This leads to the next topic of discussion – Stu would like to propose a formal move to full DCC operation for all club activities. NCE, “2 tethered operators”, boosters, control bus run on all modules. It was suggested that Tony be called for suggestions on how to implement this. This should be proposed to ALL members via the Newsletter for two months. Estimated costs - $1000 to $1500. Jonathan proposes to use RC jacks to allow switching to DCC from DC and back as an interim transition, allowing the option to run either. Members could be assigned an ID # for engine control. It was noted that AA Hobbies will provide discount on NCE equipment to the Club. Stu will provide an update to this in his next column.

3) Club Inventory – It is proposed to do away with the Club store, retaining only hats, shirts, track connectors and a minimum of emergency spare parts. The remainder of the inventory to be “auctioned” at club meetings.

4) Disposition of the Passenger Modules, which have been “retired”. Remain at Larry’s for operation, attempt to sell them outright (there may be “buyers”), or salvage key parts for sale. This will also be presented to the members in the Newsletter. Lary has offered the canyon module to anyone interested.

5) A potential Club excursion to New Jersey, on Saturday, March 10 was noted by Jim Spavins. See the Club Newsletter.

6) Jonathan is planning operating sessions for the next two Mondays. He is looking for “spare” Accurail couplers.

7) G-Scale – There will be a “new” train show in Portland, CT, on 19 February, at Portland Middle School. All scales – “AIR Line Show”. G-scale will not be attending the show in York.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:38 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary