February 9, 2014 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: February 9, 2014
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:25 pm

Secretary’s Report

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Treasurer’s Report

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Old Business

1) Springfield Show – The President thanked all who transported, loaded and unloaded. Stu confessed to certain frustrations from the show, which he did not put in the newsletter. Stu also specifically thanked Jim Spavins for all his efforts – the problems really were due to poor communications.

2) Stu does not desire to permit “marketing” outside of the club layout in the future. Any such activity must be directly club related and on the member module(s).

3) Due to issues experienced with module connectors (lack of code 83 -100 transition connectors [package was provided]), a recommendation was made to provide a permanent code 100 transition track section on any module where code 83 track must be/is used.

4) In general communication techniques on the radios need to be refined (as was better demonstrated on Sunday).

5) It was also noted that Amherst’s Show Chairman John S. particularly thanked us for our continued show support.

New Business

1) Nominations for President and Secretary are due – The election is during the first meeting in March.

2) The Club has received an invitation to participate in the upcoming National Train Show. In preparation work will be required on the club corners, Pequot Yard, Billstown, and the Delany and Dom modules, which will be used. 15 passes are permitted (NMRA membership required?), those who would like to attend by this method (rather than as a convention attendee) must decide by May 1st. The N-Trak module electrical code requires that no AC loop (plugs) exist on the modules – 12 VDC control power via a control cable is to be used. {It may be possible to use a commercial “daisy-chain” extension cord with built-in plugs.

3) Ongoing club activities – a) Maintain Club modules b) Inside corners – need to consider a new “U-section+ of the proper dimension [4” shorter] or a 44” module. Can create new short corners. c) Operations – Propose one Wednesday night per month at Larry’s d) Railfanning – Propose several sort trips in lieu of “the big one” this year, due to the National Train show trip.

4) Amtrak has requested the Club set up a small layout (12 X 24 or smaller) again for National Train Day, in New London station. We will pursue this.

5) Jonathan has Tuesday’s available for operating sessions.

6) New Club banners were proposed ~2 years ago. Jim Spavins is now investigating this. A small sample was shown. Cost is about ~$145 each (one would be provided for the G-Scalers also. A new motion was made, seconded, and voted for unanimously.

7) There will be no spring Willimantic show.

Meeting Adjourned @ 8:45 pm.

Respectably submitted by Bob Applegate, Secretary