March 8, 2015 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: March 8, 2015
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm


21 Members Present

Election Report

3 Positions up for Elections, Vice-President, Treasurer, and due to a resignation Secretary for a 1 year term.

Vice-President Robert MacGregor, unanimous vote

Treasurer Don Counsellor, unanimous vote

Secretary Michele Andre, 16/2 against Jerome Maher

Treasurer's Report

Don Counsellor was not present, a report will be issued next month.

Old Business

1) Jim Spavins and Tom Snyder volunteered to conduct an audit of the books.

2) Reminder that Bob Murphy is holding a Operating Session at his home layout on Sunday the 22nd from 2-5. Address and reminder to be sent out via email a week before.

3) The G-Gaugers attended the Cheshire show Sunday March 1st. Attendance was decent in the morning, but tapered off due to the inclement weather that caused the show to close early.

4) Jim Spavins gave an update on the New Hampshire Show on April 18th. See Jim Spavins if you are planning to attend and have not contacted him already.

5) Jonathan Harger is resuming his Tuesday operating sessions at his home. The layout operates both DC and DCC. His driveway may still be a bit Snow/Ice/Slush. Dates for March are the 10th and 24th.

New Business

1) Larry Southwick has been selling off a collection of model railroad items over the last few months. All items are now free for the taking and are in Larry's garage.

2) Jim Delany has been asked to head up the Club Trips again. He is putting together a list of potential trips for the next business meeting. Please send him any ideas you may have.

3) The G Gaugers are attending a show in Wallingford on March 29th from 10-3

4) The club has agreed to attend the Conard High School show in Hartford again this November.

5) Tom Snyder made a motion to create a back up DCC Power Command System. It was discussed that we currently have no back up in place if our main system went down. It has been estimated that it would cost $350, although Stu thought that it might cost more then that, no objections were noted. Vote was unanimous in favor for.

6) Michele Watrous volunteered to be the key picker upper in April as Jack is unavailable to do so. It was also brought up that there is some questionable legal language on the Ledyard Library Contract that should be looked into.

7) Stu Dom requests that we start thinking and talking about changing our dues schedule to earlier in the year to facilitate our Springfield attendance.

Respectably submitted by Michele Watrous, Secretary