April 14, 2015 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: April 14, 2015
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm


18 Members

Old Business

Secretary’s Report

March’s minutes have been submitted via email in the club newsletter and were unanimously approved.

Club Financial Books Audit

Jim Spavins gave a synopsis of the audit.


Audit Report was unanimously accepted and approved.

5 Year Plan Committee

Jonathan Harger is to head up the committee. Jim Delany, Jerry Maher, and Tom Snyder volunteered to be committee members. The plan is due by the October business meeting.

Treasurers Report

Stu Dom filling in we have about $3400. Outstanding expenses being the backup DCC system $423.07, Replenishment of the club harness materials, and second installment of the module build that members owe to balance out the expense.

New Hampshire Show

Jim Spavins update: Is next Weekend April 18-19th - all arrangements have been made and the transportation of modules has been finalized. We are all set to go! We will be bringing a 20ft x 36ft layout.

Operating Sessions

Jonathan Harger Operating sessions will continue and be on Tuesday the 14th and 28th.

Larry Southwick Operating sessions will continue to be the 3rd Wednesday of the month.

This Month’s Clinic

Chaz Fairbrother will be leading a clinic on realistic lumber loads at the Bill Library on April 26th. An email will be sent out detailing what is needed to participate in clinic.

New Business

Jim D Club Trips

Jim would be interested in taking our club trip the 2nd week in August this year. The G-Gaugers usually go in July or September. It is suggested that anyone interested in the club trip should get together at Larry’s Wednesday the 22nd to discuss the trip.

Selkirk Day Trip – Saturday May 16th please let Jim D if you are interested in attending.

Live Steamers have an open house on Father’s Day.

Palmer – has been discussed as a trip. Amtrak does not go there anymore so there is an increase in freight.

Having a spontaneous call list set up for last minute day trips has been brought up, but just about everyone seemed interested in the idea so sending it out to everyone’s email seems more efficient. If anyone does not want to receive those emails please notify Michele.

Jim D. is looking into the opportunity to have a layout tour of the HO Franklin & South Manchester Railroad located in the main show room of Fine Scale Miniatures in Peabody MA, in either September or October.

2016 National Train Show - July 8th-10th

A number of members have expressed interest in attending this show. Currently we have plans to bring a layout about the same size as the 2014 NMRA award winning layout. Jim and Dan have graciously agreed to lend us their trailer again. It has been brought up as to wither or not the club will reimburse some show expenses (Gas for trailer etc.) more details need to be known to make any firm decisions.


The G-Gaugers have changed when their dues will be collected to be due by September 1st, to facilitate a Springfield attendance list.

A motion was made by Henry Curtis to – Invite members wanting to attend the Springfield show to pay their dues by Oct 1st for the following year. Dues for general membership will still be due by Jan 31st. Vote was 5 for 12 against 1 abstained. Motion was declined.

*Notes – There are many factors that were discussed at the meeting on this subject. The original intent of this motion was to correct a problem that we’ve experienced with our attendance lists for the Springfield show. Amherst has to pay for our attendance to the Big E, the closer to the show date the more expensive the cost per person is. We have had to have last minute additions added to our lists even up to the day before the show. This is unfair to Amherst and does not put our best foot forward. There are multiple factors that lead to this, multiple people handling different lists, the way the lists were organized, similar names skipped, etc. We are going to fix the issues on our end rather than change our by-laws or do a prepay plan. One person (the secretary) is going to have control over and be responsible for the membership list and the list that goes to Amherst.


The G-Gaugers will be at the New Haven Railroad Station on May 9thfor Train Day.


There is no meeting on May 10th due to Mother's Day. Business meeting will be held on May 24th.

Respectably submitted by Michele Watrous, Secretary