September 13, 2015 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: September 13, 2015
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Gales Ferry, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm

Old Business

Secretary’s Report

August meeting minutes were recapped.

Treasures' Report

Checking balance of $3019, paid insurance $700 renewal

Supply sales

There are still items for sale at Larry's, Amherst tank cars, turnouts, misc electrical equipment still for sale. Also there is a free inside corner up for grabs.

West Hartford Show

November 7th Conard high school 10-3, set up at 6am. We're taking a layout that is the same size as last year. More info in coming months.

Digital Archive

Jim Spavins is creating a digital archive for the club and is looking for show flyers or other info on past shows.

New Business

Garden State Model Railroad Club

Are having their annual open house for the three weekends starting after Thanksgiving.

Trip to Selkirk

Jim Delany is looking into getting a trip to Selkirk together.

Respectably submitted by Michele Watrous, Secretary