November 8, 2015 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: November 8, 2015
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm

Old Business

Secretary’s Report

October’s minutes were recapped.

West Hartford Show

November 7th was Conard high school 10-3, set up was at 6am. We had a good show of support with about 17 members in attendance. There was low public attendance but we still had a blast. Tom’s Signal system was a hoot.

5 Year Plan

Jonathan summarized their write up (see newsletter) and the floor was opened for comments.

Tom S - wanted to say that he wanted to see a systematic increase of the dues.

Henry - was disappointed the LCC wasn’t included and wanted to see the LCC as a goal.

(Note: Committee had talked with LCC Committee Chair Andrew and thought this would be a minimal expenditure.)

Jack - wanted there to be a goal for the number of appearances or shows.

Bob M - asked if the DCC system was more expensive to implement then anticipated.

Stu - was looking for more of a plan or club direction from the committee instead of just the finical side of it.

Jonathan - The committee were under the impression it was just a finical 5 year plan as it came out of our audit of the books.

Henry - motioned to table the report so the committee could go back and make a more in-depth plan.

Jonathan - said the the committee could be expanded to include goals

Jerry - What else would the club members want to do? The committee would need more club input to develop a plan

Stu  - said things like NMRA Shows, or other things we’d like to different like operating style, module types, linear staging yard etc.

Jonathan - suggested the report be accepted as is and a 5 year plan committee create long range goals

Henry - reminded that we need to vote on the tabled motion before another motion is made.

Vote was held on the motion to table the report and have the committee members go back and create a more in depth 5 year plan. Motion was voted down, 0 for 16 apposed

Jack - Motion to accept plan as is.

Wolf - suggested to change the title to 5 year financial plan.

Vote was held on accepting the committees report with the title changed to 5 Year financial Plan. Motion was passed, 16 for 0 apposed.

5 Year Plan Committee

Stu appointed a new 5 year plan committee to give a report in February with respects to club goals and directions. Tom Snyder is committee chair, and the following members volunteered: Nathan Andre, Michele Watrous, Andrew Porter, Jim Spavins, and Jack Howie.  If you have any thoughts on the clubs future, please provide your comments to any committee member.

Larry - wants the committee to take into considerations what the club plans to do when his basement is no longer available.

Bob M - wants to talk about the clubs unofficial rule of not accepting stipends from shows, he is opposed to us continuing to do so. Henry was not in favor of this idea.

2016 Dues

Stu - Our club has 4 types of membership, but the membership titles do not have to relate to our dues structure, and in the past we’ve had a variety of special dues categories. We have since simplifies it to 2 Regular (currently $40) and Family (currently $50). Any changes to dues will not affect the G Gaugers who have already paid for 2016.

Jonathan - suggested we keep our current dues structure and amounts.

Motion was made to keep our current dues structure and amounts.

Tom S - is not opposed to raising dues.

Jack - Felt a family membership was designed with kids in mind, not necessarily wives that only attend the picnic. Family membership is for people who are legally related.

It was discussed that we should have the long term goal committees report before changing due amounts.

Vote was held on keeping the current dues structure and amounts Regular $40, Family $50. Motion was passed, 16 for 0 apposed.

Springfield Show

Jim Spavins reports that we are in good shape for the show. Please be sure to make the power adjustment on the modules that was sent out in prior newsletter, please ask if you have any questions on it.

Selkirk Trip

We are taking a day trip up to selkirk on Nov 14th. Michele will send out an email with more details or contact Jim Delany.

HUB Show

HUB Division’s show in MA is December 5th and 6th. Please send Jim Spavins an email if you interested in attending/carpooling.

New Business

Deerfield/Berkshire Brewery Trip

Amanda purposed we have a trip to Deerfield and the Berkshire Brewery in the spring. Stu asked for the request to be passed to Jim Delany

Clinic November

Stu is unable to present his clinic this month. It was suggested that we take a trip to the Cheshire show instead. The evening clinic was canceled due to lack of presenter and attendees.

Respectably submitted by Michele Watrous, Secretary