December 13, 2015 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: December 13, 2015
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm

Old Business

Secretary’s Report

November's minutes were recapped.


Bob reports "Trains are Running" & recapped the show at Cheshire.


John Waller passed away in November. Motion was made to make a donation of$50 in his memory to the Center for Hospice Care, Passed unanimously. Some time was spent reminiscing fondly about passed club members.


Stu thought this past newsletter was one of the best. There was a lot of participation. Stu also enjoyed that the articles were short and sweet. Please continue to submit articles to Jim. Submissions are due the 25th of each month.

Hub Division Show

A few members attended the show. We really wanted to check out the HUBs signaling system and see if there was any more news on LCC. Unfortunately the HUB's system was not operational that day. We had a nice trip none the less.

Goal Committee

The Committee will be sending out a survey Monday the 14th. Please answer it so we can get a big picture of what club members are interested in. The survey is anonymous.

Bob M - Food for thought - the G-Gaugers rent a storage unit to house their modules for about $125 a month.

NMRA National Train Show - Indy 2016

Still waiting for more information. The current plan is to bring a layout roughly 20x40, so get those modules ready!

New Business


Jerry shared that he found Izaak Walton Inn at Glacier National Park in Montana that looks like a wonderful place to do some railfanning. Not only is it located right next to the tracks, you can also stay in cabooses and remodeled Locomotives.


Countdown is on for Springfield (although Jim has been counting down since last January) We start setting up at noon on Thursday the 28th. Signup to run trains is just like last year on the Google spreadsheet (see newsletter). We are not bringing the Staging Yard this year, as it is incomplete and we are testing how our layout will run with its absence. No Staging Yard allows more room to maneuver around the layout following your train. There are plenty of yard modules that we will run out of this year.

Respectably submitted by Michele Watrous, Secretary