February 26, 2017 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: February 26, 2017
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm

Old Business

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.

Amherst Show

Stu was very pleased with the support all the layouts received. A special thanks to Carl who took it upon himself to run the track cleaning cars whenever he deemed necessary. East Longmeadow’s Cable Access TV interviewed people from all of our layouts. Link will be in the newsletter. This year was our 30th year attending the show, and 2018 will be the show’s 50th anniversary.

Club Project Spreadsheets

Jimmy has created a Google docs online spreadsheet to keep track of projects that need to be completed. The link will be in the newsletter. Please feel free to add projects to the list and volunteer to help complete ones already listed.


In March we have Vice President and Treasurer up for election. Stu has appointed Michele to the nomination committee.

Club Trips

York – if you are interested in attending York please get in touch with Kevin

Bridge View – There is some interest in getting together to stay at the bed & breakfast in Marysville. Dates TBD, please let Tom Snyder know if you are interested.

Orlando – Kevin’s is working on a 3 or 4 clubs O Gauge latch up for the national train show in Orlando this year. He has submitted a package and is waiting for conformation. They are expecting to take a 17’x22’ layout. Michele is still organizing accommodations; if you are interested and haven’t gotten in touch with her please do so.

Rail Explorers – there is interest in a trip on the peddle carts that are coming to Newport in the spring. Prices are ~$100 for two person cart and ~$170 for four person. More details to follow.

Summer Club Trip – Interest has been expressed in doing a club trip this summer. Andrew had a few suggestions in past meets one of which was going down to the Shenandoah Valley, Roanoke, Clifton Forge. G Scalers are planning a trip to Nebraska.


March 26th we will have a guest speaker, Kaylee Zang who will be talking about installing iPhone speakers vs. other speaker types.

April & May there are only business meetings due to holidays. We have been having a tough time getting our own club members to volunteer for clinic, except Andrew, so as such we are trying to find outside speakers.

Motion by Clark seconded by Barbara – To authorize a Clinic Budget of up to $500 a year. Discussion – Bill Evans will submit a reimbursement form for each instance, and remaining budget will be back in general funds at the end of the year. Budget is to support clinic supplies and stipend/fee for guest speakers. Passed unanimously.

New Business

HO Modules

The cases for our Power packs, DC bus, and Throttles have broken. Stu would like to build new cases that have drawers so the components can be properly stored to prevent damage. Two cabinets need to be made; Stu has done some preliminary drawing and is willing to build them. It was questioned if there were any other objects that could be used to transport these items like suitcases with dense foam cut outs. Another comment was that the more containers we have for these items the more likely it is that we forget one of them.

Motion by Jim seconded by Tom – To authorize $200 for new transportation system for DCC system. For - 19 against – 1 abstained – 1 Motion Passed

DCC Control Bus

Our control bus connectors are not lasting. There are several reasons for their failure, being yanked on, jostling during transportation, etc. The 6 pin connectors are not very good, and are giving us grief. Comment was made that our connector issue has been ongoing and has been solved numerous times over the years. Other things need to happen with our control bus as well, for instance we are not properly grounded. One possible solution is to change to Amphenol connectors like the track power bus. The Module Standards Community will present their recommendation at the next business meeting.

New Hampshire Show

Get in touch with Jim if you are planning on going to New Hampshire. He is putting together a layout plan. He would also like to know if you are planning to attend and are able to assist in transporting things.

Kevin’s Calendar

Kevin ran through a variety of activities he is planning on for this year and next. Please see the newsletter and the website for more details.

G Gaugers

The G Gaugers will be attending the Cheshire Show is March 5h.

Makers Meet

The Ledyard Library hosts a Makers Meet on Sundays on March 26th at 1pm they are doing a Robotics/Robot day. http://www.ledyard.lioninc.org/maker-meet/

Amherst Club Cars

Anyone who participated at Springfield and wants but has not gotten an Amherst hopper car please get in contact with Stu. Any remaining cars will be used for clinics/raffled off.

Respectably submitted by Michele Watrous, Secretary