April 23, 2017 Business Meeting
Club Business Meeting Minutes Archive

Meeting Date: April 23, 2017
Meeting Location: Bill Library, Ledyard, CT
Meeting Time: 7:30 pm

Old Business

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer’s Report was read and approved.

Club Trip

Stu asked for a show of hands for those interested in a club trip this summer. The interested parties were to talk at the end of the meeting. If you are interested in attending the trip please get in contact with Stu.

Kevin is taking the 3 Rail layout to the NMRA national Convention in Orlando and doing a latch up with several other 3 rail clubs. If you would like to attend to support Kevin's layout please get in touch with him.

Stu and Tom are still planning a bridge water trip for either September or October.

Power Supply Box Update

Stu has finished construction of the power supply boxes, right on time for the NH show.


In March we have Vice President and Treasurer up for reelection. Stu has made Michele the nomination committee.

North Sutton, NH Show

Well we managed to survive the show. Both DCC Control systems were discovered to be inoperable. Thanks to some hard work from some of our members we were able to rig the programming track to the main lines and were able to run a train on each main line. While this made for a less exciting show then normal our group managed to enjoy themselves.

New Business

Lift Bridge

The time has come to overhaul the Lift Bridge. It needs new hinges, tracks and then some scenery to finish it off. A budget of $200 is being requested for this task. Motion purposed by Merrill seconded by Andrew, with no discussion. Unanimously Approved

3 Rail Layout to Orlando

Jim made a motion to purchase skirting for the 3 Rail Layout to give it a little more of a professional and clean look for their NMRA show and future shows. The skirting will be the same as what is used on the HO layout but sized to accommodate the shorter height of the layout. They have requested $1000 to do so. Kevin seconded, no further discussion. Unanimously Approved


DCC Command Stations

Both of our stations have been sent back to NCE for repair or replacement. It will take 6-8 weeks to here about their outcome. There will most likely be a bill for theses but are unable to predict at this time.

Andrew's Show and Tell

Andrew has been doing research as to help elevate the recent electrical problems. One thing that is being suggested is to add a set of wires to boaster cab bus that we run at springfield(the wire that is not permanently attached to the modules). We would use 14 gauge wire, and connectors that were installed on the branch track modules. No dissuasion to proceed with this has been determined at this time.

Kevin’s Calendar

Kevin has been appointed the LCCA's fast Track Module Layout Coordinator. He has already had a few people nation wide contact him with versions questions. His Layout has been featured in the Loin's Roar publication. He has his May 10th talk at Amherst's monthly meeting. Kevin is also planning on talking with the Gales Ferry Fire Department about setting up a layout in their bingo hall during Fire Safety week, he will also scope out if there is enough room for some HO modules if we are interested.

Committee Status Updates

The Module Standards Committee has been disbanded due to the inability to come to an agreement and the sense that we are currently happy with the layout as is.

The Signal Committee is still not ready to give a report, they have more ironing out to do.

Respectably submitted by Michele Watrous, Secretary