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Above: A meet on Keddie Wye on Art's Western Pacific Railroad. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Above: A freight crosses a rebuilt bridge on Art's Western Pacific layout. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Below: Art oversees operations on his Western Pacific layout. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Article By: Art Ferguson

My S scale layout started life as an HO layout. Several years ago I purchased two S scale cars at a train show. Innocent enough. Driving home I was thinking how good looking they were and as long as I could remember I had always liked the size. At one time in the 70's I even toyed with the idea of changing to S. Not as much was available then as is now so I did not make the switch, but the more I thought about jumping into S from HO, the more exciting the thought. So I said what the heck, why not. After 40 plus years in HO, I'd been there, done that.

I was able to use the same right-a-way for the S. Some four and three track sections became three and two track areas. Track centers were changed and the around the wall track got 40" plus radius, only for the big steam loco's. The basic track plan remained the same. You see S scale track width between the rails is equal to just about the width HO ties are. S is about 33 percent larger then HO.

The layout is 24' X33' built in the L-girder fashion around the walls with an island off one of the long walls. All the track is code 100 with about 50 turnouts. The HO version had 88 turnouts. I model the Western Pacific so I had to have a Keddie Wye. The Wye was fairly good looking in HO. It has lost a bit in S. However, it is still recognized by viewers.

Power is DC with block control. I usually like to set out a train and let her run, stand back and enjoy the scene as the train rolls along.

As most modelers, I have accumulated motive power from neighboring roads. Southern Pacific, cab forwards are my favorite steam loco's, and the Great Northern. The era is 1948 to 1954 so steam as well as diesels are in vogue. The roster consists of 150 plus pieces or rolling stock, of which 20 or so are passenger cars. Six steam engines, 17 diesels, and one 3 car passenger motor unit.

Looking back, I wonder why I didn't change over to S scale much sooner than I did. One must think out of the box, so to speak, in S. As a lot of HO stuff and O scale items can be modified to work in S – such as buildings and structures. That's some of the fun of S scale.

Thanks for stopping by my Western Pacific and the Mohegan-Pequot web site.

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