Inglenook Photo Gallery

Above: An overview of the Inglenook Sidings module. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins


Based on the popular switching game, Inglenook Siding, this 2'x4' module features a pair of sidings on the passing siding. The idea of the game is that a series of 6 freight cars are set up randomly on the two sidings as well as the passing siding, and a new three car train created. The switching lead has room for two 40' freight cars and a switching locomotive.

The module itself features generally rural scenery with a country road bisecting the module. A small MOW are is near the switching lead and an area for an industry was left behind the two tracks.

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Module at a Glance

Scale: HO Scale
Size: 2'x4'
Number of Sections: 1
Builder: Jim Spavins
Type: Straight
Mainline Tracks: 3
Years Constructed: 2012
Era: 1960s
Features: Industry, Highway Crossing
Status: Active