MP Junction Photo Gallery

Above: Club member Glenn Siter oversees operations on the staging yard module. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

MP Junction

The club needed a new staging yard module set. Jim Spavins was tasked with managing the project. Over the summer and fall of 2006, a dedicated group of club members built this new set of modules. This set improved several design elements from our first set of staging yards. First, with a twelve foot module set along the mainlines, the radii heading back to the yard was increased to the typically 36" club minimum radius. The earlier eight foot module needed smaller radii to simply fit on the module. This made it challenging for some types of rolling stock to navigate out of the staging yard. Second, all of the typical module accessories were built into the module. For example, the control panel was built into the module so it didn't have to be disconnected and transported separately. Also, all the building were permanently attached to the module. The capacity of the staging yard itself was increased tremendously with 15 tracks averaging over 20 feet each. We were able to finish the module set in about six months through regular work sessions and dedication of all of the volunteers on the project.

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Module at a Glance

Scale: HO Scale
Size: 2.5'x12'
Number of Sections: 8
Builder: Club
Type: Straight
Mainline Tracks: 3
Years Constructed: 2006, Rebuilt 2013
Era: 1950s
Features: Transition and Staging
Status: Retired