Passenger Module Photo Gallery

Above: An overview of the passenger module during the Railroad Hobby Show in 2006. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Passenger Module

The largest club project ever to be constructed was the passenger module complex. This mammoth eight part module set stretched 42' in length and was close to four feet wide. The module featured a large passenger station centered on the module set with a coach yard, locomotive shops, REA facility, team track, and an ice house. A power plant was also located near one of the corner modules. This module set took over 6 years to construct and most of the members contributed work over the course of the project. However, due to its size and weight, the modules were eventually dismantled in 2012.

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Module at a Glance

Scale: HO Scale
Size: 3.25'x34'+2 Corners
Number of Sections: 8
Builder: Club
Type: Straight
Mainline Tracks: 4
Years Constructed: 2001-2005
Era: 1950s
Features: Passenger Station, REA Building, Ice House, Enginehouse
Status: Retired