Rockville Bridge Photo Gallery

Above: Photo coming soon! Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Rockville Bridge

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day, but it sure has never stopped me from trying. After visiting Rockville Bridge for the first time in 2004, I knew immediately I wanted to build a module featuring the bridge. The layout of the prototype scene is perfect for modules as the scene can be built on long narrow modules. However, as is typical for most modelers, it is the appearance of a deadline that gets the motivation running and work underway. This was the case with the Rockville Bridge module. This module set was slated to be part of the Pennsy Corner module set (see the next page) and the rest of the modules in the set were being prepared for the 2007 Big Railroad Hobby Show. However, I hadn’t even begun work on the Rockville Bridge module set and the show was 90 days away! Needless to say motivation came fast and furious. Over the next three months, about 200 hours were spent building this model version of Rockville Bridge. The bridge itself is 9’ long and fits on two six foot modules. The bridge was made from cast resin components which were created from hand carved masters. The castings are glued onto a wood structure which is integrated into the module benchwork which adds strength to the overall bridge. During the 2009 National Train Show, the module received an Honorable Mention in the module contest earning 91 points.-Jim Spavins

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Module at a Glance

Scale: HO Scale
Size: 2.5'x12'
Number of Sections: 2
Builder: Jim Spavins
Type: Straight
Mainline Tracks: 3
Years Constructed: 2006-2007
Era: 1980s
Features: Rockville Bridge
Status: Retired