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Christ the King Church Display
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Above: Dan Delany sets out equipment on the new - under construction - Delany Yard complex. Photo Credit: Jim Spavins

Article By: Clark Pritchett
Show Date: March 26, 2006

Through the good auspices of Bill Paradis and the Men’s Club of the Christ the King Church in Old Lyme, the M&P set up an HO layout on Sunday March 26 in the church hall. The display went well. There were not a lot of visitors but the Men’s Club was happy with the amount collected at the gate. In the afternoon a bus arrived from Academy Point with about ten people, including Bert Beukelaer. You just can’t keep a good model railroader down!

Short of Springfield and Avery Point, it might have been the largest HO layout we have ever done. The hall was ideal, and must have been designed with us in mind! The breakdown was done immediately after the show and unloading happened at Larry’s the very same night.

Train Show at a Glance

Date: March 26, 2006
Location: Old Lyme, CT
Scale: HO