Photo of the Day Out With Thomas at the Valley RR

Day Out With Thomas at the Valley RR
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Day Out With Thomas at the Valley RR Photo Gallery

Above: A New Haven steam locomotive idles at the Dom Yard enginehouse. Photo Credit: Dan Delany

Above: Thomas pulls an excursion at the Valley Railroad in Essex, CT. Photo Credit: Dan Delany

Below: No. 97 is filling with water is preparation for its next run. Photo Credit: Dan Delany

Article By: Dan Delany
Show Date: Nov. 6,7,13,14, 2004

On the first two weekends in November the club supported the Thomas the Tank Engine show at the Essex Steam Train facility with a 20'x52' HO layout. This year we were in the closed room in the basement of the Dickinson Building. It was both bigger and warmer than the room with the large open door where we froze the last couple of years. We brought the modules in on Wednesday evening and were successfully running by Saturday morning, except for some nagging corrosion problems in the bus plugs between modules. Two raffles were held, one each weekend. This was our most successful fund-raiser to date. The raffles were received very well by the Thomas public, even though we couldn’t answer all of their (important Thomas) questions. All in all, a good time was had by all at the show in Essex.

Train Show at a Glance

Date: Nov. 6,7,13,14, 2004
Location: Essex, CT
Scale: HO
Highlights: Essex Steam Train