Photo of the New London Train Station Display

New London Train Station Display
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New London Train Station Display Photo Gallery

Above: Henry Curtis and Ed Bradbury operate the club's HO layout during the Holiday Display at the New London Train Station. Photo Credit: Dan Delany

Above: A New Haven Trailer Train rounds Cut Corner on the HO layout. Photo Credit: Dan Delany

Below: Amtrak's New London Union Station. Photo Credit: Dan Delany

Article By: Dan Delany
Show Date: December 4, 2004

Last winter, the club displayed a small layout in the lobby of the New London train station.  Setup was completed on Thursday night, and we were up and running all day Saturday, December 4, 2004.  The layout was a total of 30’x20’, with lots of action for the many onlookers.  The display was just part of the many events and activities held as part of New London’s Downtown Holiday Celebration.  Other events in the station included an interactive Ginger Bread house building event by two local bakery owners, and a reading of holiday stories by the New London superintendent of schools to local children.

One of our most enthusiastic spectators was an Amtrak conductor, who had heard about the layout over the radio from previous train crew who stopped at the station.  When his train made its New London Station stop, he hopped off the train and ran into the station to get a look, and pass along his compliments on a nice looking layout.  All in all, it was a very enjoyable day, and the display was in support of a great event in downtown New London.  We hope this will lead to more display opportunities in the station for other events in the downtown area.

Train Show at a Glance

Date: December 4, 2004
Location: New London, CT
Scale: HO
Highlights: Holiday Display, New London Union Station