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Article By: Clark Pritchett
Show Date: September 24, 2006

It was the first M&P train show of the 2006-2007 train show season and it went well on Friday for setup, once we found out where to go. We had the address and location of the school, but the show was in a gymnasium on a hill behind, and not visible from, the school. Loading at Larry Southwick’s house went well. Breakdown did not take long and we were out of there by about 4:30.

On Sunday the sponsors were there by 6 AM, as promised, and things started to hum on our 24' x 32' layout. The gymnasium was quite crowded, but it was hard to tell at first who were vendors and who were paying spectators. All in all, the club had a great day.

Train Show at a Glance

Date: September 24, 2006
Location: Webster, MA
Scale: HO
Highlights: 24'x32' HO Scale Layout