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BIG Railroad Hobby Show
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Above: A crowd gathers around the HO scale layout at the club's first trip to the Big Railroad Hobby Show. Photo Credit: Jan Luth

Above: An overview of the crowd's during the 1987 Railroad Hobby Show. Photo Credit: Jan Luth

Below: Jim Steele overlooks the HO layout during the 1987 Railroad Hobby Show. Photo Credit: Jan Luth

Article By: Jim Spavins
Show Date: February 22, 1987

The club was first invited to the Railroad Hobby Show in 1987. At the time, the club only had an HO scale modular railroad - as the other scales were still a few years away. The club setup a 16'x24' layout inside the Better Living Center which included a variety of scenes from a big city to scenic countryside. The layout also included the club's first staging yard iteration - a U-shaped version with a total of ten staging tracks.

A number of the modules appearing at the show would make return trips to Springfield for many years - like Bert's Yard and the Country Running modules. However, information on a few have been lost to time - meaning they probably only made this one trip to the show.

The club was fortunate that one of our charter members, the late Jan Luth, was wise enough to take about a dozen photos of this show - including of the club's layout - so we have a record of what happened during our first visit to Springfield.

Train Show at a Glance

Date: February 22, 1987
Location: West Springfield, MA
Scale: HO
Highlights: First Display at Springfield

Module List
Bert's Yard
Country Running
Transition Module I
Marble Quarry
4' Lift Bridge
Suburban Station