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Article By: Don Counsellor
Show Date: November 3, 2013

Last Sunday, 11/3/2013, the club ventured forth to the wilds of Willimantic to support the CONNECTICUT EASTERN RAILROAD MUSEUM TRAIN SHOW. For this show the club was well represented with HO and G scale folks. The G scale members were disguised as members of the Central Connecticut G Gaugers. As usual the G guys were up and running before us HO folks and were probably home before we left the building around 5pm. They appeared to be having a good time and I believe they were a welcomed addition to the show. The HO layout for this appearance 20 X 32 was small by our standards but served well for this show. The layout consisted of the Delany Yard, Pequot Yard, KAJAC Paper and Billstown, supported by the Farm, Gas Station, Rockville, and Delany Yard corners and of course the lift bridge. Many kudos to Andrew who assumed the responsibility for the electronics and we were up and running without a hitch. In general the layout performed well throughout the day and there was a minimum of head scratching. Bill Evans had discovered a glitch with some of his turnouts, corrected it and Billstown ran flawlessly. Thanks to everyone who worked on the Pequot Yard over at Larry’s because it appeared to operate as planned. Jerry Maher was given the job switching Kajac Paper and found out how intense this could be. He remarked that his previous experience was with Lionel running forward and backward around in circles. He sweated a lot but got the job done and put a train out on the main without a glitch. I think he went out to the car for a nap after he was done. The Show still did not have a plethora of dealers in attendance but did have a couple of small layouts exhibiting, one was a Thomas theme which I suspect was a hit with some of the smaller folks. In my estimation there was a larger crowd in attendance compared to the last several Willimantic shows in which we have participated . With a little more advertising I think the show could again be what it was six or eight years ago. In general it was a fun show and I think everyone in attendance had a good time. As usual there was only one grumpy person there - me.

Train Show at a Glance

Date: November 3, 2013
Location: Willimantic, CT
Scale: HO
Highlights: HO and G Scale Layouts