Clinic Night Archive

One of the benefits of membership in the club are the clinic nights which are held several times a year on the fourth Sunday of the month.  Since not all members can make the clinics, we have included an archive below.  Many of the past clinic nights are covered and each article provides some of the highlights of the night along with reference material provided by the clinic speaker.  Check out the calendar for upcoming Clinic Night dates and topics. 


Clinic Night Archive List

Introduction to BranchTRAK April 24, 2016
Building Pine Trees (Video) March 20, 2016
Printed Future of Model Railroading May 22, 2014
Dwarf Signals April 27, 2014
Railfanning Southern California February 10, 2013
Building Landforms December 16, 2012
Rolling Stock Weathering April 22, 2012
Gondola and Flat Car Loads February 26, 2012
Modifying Proto2000 Engines January 22, 2012
Corner Rehab June 14, 2009
Lift Bridge March 8, 2009
Economical Transport Containers November 9, 2008
Connector Brackets September 28, 2008
Plexiglass Transporter March 25, 2007
Tortoise Brackets February 26, 2006
"Unloaded" Gondola Load December 11, 2005
Weathering 101 November 6, 2005
Drawbridge Modules September 24, 2000
End Loops May 7, 1995